Valuing Diversity

Equality and diversity is fundamental to the culture and operations of Catch Coaching. We are working towards ensuring that equality of opportunity is embedded throughout the company and is identified with by our employees and, those who access our services.


Catch Coaching recognises that equality of opportunity is not simply achieved by having written policies and procedures in place but through communication, understanding and positive action.


All staff at Catch Coaching have a role in achieving and realising our vision in relation to equality and diversity. Everyone has a responsibility to:

  • Ensure the policy is put into practice

  • Has a personal commitment in realising this vision

  • Set standards for others to follow


This will be achieved by:

  • Understanding the values and benefits of equality and diversity

  • Promoting Catch Coaching policy and procedures with regard to equality and diversity

  • Being familiar with and complying with this policy and associated procedures, and ensuring that any staff, for whom they are responsible, do so as well

  • Recognise behaviours that constitute discrimination, harassment or bullying and eradicating it

  • Being committed to challenging unacceptable, inappropriate, or stereotypical behaviours and attitudes

  • Reporting any instances of apparent discrimination, unfair treatment or any other perceived problems in relation to employment or the provision of services

  • Take appropriate action for the resolution of bullying, harassment or discrimination in their work area in accordance with company policies and procedures

  • To ensure that every day practice recognises and respects the potential of each individual.

Catch Coaching will provide all services within a framework that ensure impartiality and equality of opportunity. To achieve this we will:

  • Undertake appropriate consultations and develop partnership agreements with key stakeholdersInclude an equal opportunities dimension in market research and analysis

  • Develop a variety of service delivery approaches responsive to identified needs

  • Promote equality ge all forms of discrimination

  • Develop and deliver programmes which are sensitive to cultural and religious differences

  • Provide support, advice, including signposting to other appropriate agencies, and advocacy for service users who experience discrimination