In February 2013 Ofsted published a report

‘Beyond 2012 – Outstanding Physical Education for All’.


The report outlined that in the majority of schools demonstrating considerable improvements in the quality of teaching and learning within the PE curriculum, an external organisation had worked with the schools to support such improvements. Catch Coaching is a company that can support your school in the delivery of teaching and learning in the PE curriculum.


Catch Coaching has developed and can provide bespoke support and services to enhance provision in your school through Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and help realise ‘outstanding’ Ofsted outcomes.


At Catch Coaching we provide fully qualified coaches with wide-ranging experiences of working in schools with stated aims at of promoting learning through sport and physical activities. Catch Coaching staff hold nationally recognised sports qualifications and receive regular and on-going training, to ensure pupils get the most up-to-date tutoring and education.


Catch Coaching can provide tailor made Continuous Professional Development programmes to meet the needs of an individual school with supporting documentation provided in relation to KS1 and KS2 curriculum. This sits alongside all planning, implementation and assessment tools. Catch Coaching offers a unique service to primary schools which will enhance provision for schools and teachers in the delivery of physical education.


Our 12 day programme is fully adaptable and will be tailored to meet the needs of individual schools. The Catch Coaching CPD programme comprises the following:


  • Evaluation of your existing physical education programme: including the identification of where improvements can be made with your current provision. This will include demonstrating new techniques and information on the latest OFSTED requirements.


  • The delivery of a high quality successful lesson: including opportunities for teaching staff to observe the delivery of lessons in different areas of the National Curriculum, with both the School and Catch Coaching sharing good practice.


  • Adaptability of lessons to ensure differentiation and the needs of all pupils are met and full potential is reached. Catch Coaching also ensures that all lessons have clear learning objectives and outcomes for measured success.

All staff are fully checked in relation to national safeguarding requirements and hold current First Aid qualifications.


Catch Coaching has testimonials and references from schools we are currently working alongside and can provide copies on request.


For further details and enquiries about the Catch Coaching CPD programme or to arrange a free consultation of your current provision please contact us via email - or via our contact form.