Governance and Management of Catch Coaching

Catch Coaching is a Community Interest Company governed by company law. It is overseen by 'Catch Coaching Board of Trustees'.


The board of experienced trustees are responsible for providing professional and strategic advice on policy, resource management, community engagement, ensuring financial stability and overall compliance with policies and practice.


The board is drawn from a wide field of interest, experience and understanding that reflect the vision and activities of Catch Coaching. Trustees on being invited to join the board will bring their own experience, voice and support to further the work of Catch Coaching.


Role & Responsibilities of Trustees

  • Trustees accept responsibility for monitoring the affairs of  Catch Coaching, ensuring  it is well-run, and delivers the community outcomes for the benefit of the public for which it has been set up.

  • Ensures that the company complies with company law, and with the requirements of Company House as regulator; in particular  that the company prepares reports on  its progress and achievements and that Annual Returns and Accounts are prepared and submitted as required by law.

  • Ensures that Catch Coaching does not breach any of the requirements or rules set out in its governance document and that it remains true to the community purpose and objects set out there.

  • That it complies with the requirements of other legislation and other regulators (if any) which govern the activities of Catch Coaching.

  • The Trustees ensure that the company achieves best practice in all aspects of Catch Coaching’s work and will monitor the company’s progress and attainment in this area.

  • The Trustees ensure that the company provides the best possible service to its beneficiaries, members, external stakeholders and the public and will monitor this and will put in place a mechanism for the company to welcome and review comments and/ or complaints about its service in order to improve the company as it develops and moves forward.

  • The Trustees promote and embrace equality and diversity within the organisation.

  • The Trustees will review the work of the organisation by monitoring its performance against agreed objectives, outcomes and indicators.

  • All Trustees shall take decisions objectively and in the best interests of the company and its beneficiaries. Trustees will declare any interests and appropriately manage any conflicts that may arise.