Catch Coaching deliver P.E, PPA and CPD and work within the latest Ofsted framework to ensure all children under our tuition receive the best sporting education possible.


As a result of recent developments to increase the number of hours spent on sports and physical education in schools, Catch Coaching has developed a new offer for schools to support this initiative.


Catch Coaching recognises that the driver for educational staff in schools is one that ensures an exceptionally high quality of provision, critical to promote learning through sport. We are also aware that this needs to be achieved in adherence to the policies, arrangements and structure within individual schools.


Catch Coaching ensures that staff undertaking school based roles are fully qualified, approved coaches to national standards and are, aware of the most up- to- date techniques. They are also monitored in relation to effectiveness and impact.


All of our staff hold current DBS checks and first-aid qualifications. They operate within Company Policies concerning Safeguarding, Health and Safety, Equality and Diversity and Complaint and Behaviour Management. This enables staff to work effectively within schools and adhere to internal school policies and requirements.


Planning and implementation

Catch Coaching staff are able to provide a full service dealing with the planning, assessment and implementation of all physical education sessions in accordance with the National Curriculum at KS1 and KS2. We will also ensure that pupils have a structured, safe, fun and enjoyable experience as key to their individual learning and development.


Lesson Planning

Catch Coaching offers a bespoke and tailored package of lesson plans that suit the individual needs of a school and can be flexible dependent on what other teachers within the school are delivering and activity that has already been covered.Catch Coaching will provide lesson plans that are to be delivered each term in hard copy directly to the appropriate lead within the school. This provides an opportunity for the plans to be reviewed and where necessary adapted prior to the term starting.


Coaches will plan differentiated activities to ensure all ability levels within a class are catered for.


Assessment and Review

Catch Coaching will offer support to teachers in writing progress reports for each pupil in relation to their needs and progress within physical education. Catch Coaching will also adhere to existing school arrangements and protocols that concern pupil discipline and reward systems.



Catch Coaching staff will ensure that all pupils are actively engaged in all activity by employing a range of techniques. Catch Coaching believes in an ‘Inclusive’ approach providing the appropriate support, encouragement and motivation to ensure every pupil can achieve their potential through increasing their ability and interest.



After each lesson, Catch Coaching will ensure evaluation forms are completed by the coach detailing what happened in the lesson and any other cross curricular related links. Evaluation forms can be provided at the end of the day to ensure the plans they can be reviewed as required and held as evidence to contribute to Ofsted inspections.