Catch Coaching can offer a range of Multi-Sports provision in local communities based on the needs and interests of children and young people. Catch Coaching is able to carry out effective consultation with children and young people to determine what activities are most popular or utilise existing consultation to maximise take up.


Catch Coaching will always ensure a sufficient menu of opportunities to ensure participation for all regardless of ability.


Provision delivered by Catch Coaching will provide safe, structured fun and exciting opportunities suitable for all ages (5-16 years) and all sporting abilities.

Catch Coaching aims to ensure that through their activities children and young people will:


  • Be safe and free from risk

  • Have opportunities to engage in a variety of physical activities

  • Learn new skills

  • Gain confidence and esteem and respect for each other

  • Keep fit, active and learn about healthy eating and lifestyles

  • Learn team working skills

  • Try new activities and sports

  • Be able to make new friends



Our highly qualified coaches deliver popular activities including:


  • Football

  • Cricket

  • Street-dance

  • Gymnastics

  • Basketball

  • Tag Rugby

  • Boccia